Anfield Expansion Begins Early 2015

Anfield Expansion Begins Early 2015

Anfield Expansion Begins Early 2015

Agen Casino Terbaik Having completed the bureaucratic affairs, Liverpool now can breathe a sigh of relief because they plan to expand the capacity of Anfield began to be held early next year.

Since 2012, the party has proposed permit Liverpool Anfield capacity expansion which is currently around 45 572 seats. For a club of Liverpool, the number of seats the audience was still less than Manchester United, Arsenal, Newcastle United, Etihad Stadium, or the Stadium of Light.

Inevitably the stadium expansion plan so the main focus of John W. Henry when the club acquired the end of 2010. But the plan was not easy to implement given the many doors” that must be passed Liverpool, ranging from the city council, the mayor, and the parties concerned.

After a few months ago obtained a permit from the city council, Liverpool began to displace the existing house behind the main stand (main grandstand) who became the focus of the expansion of the stadium. Citizens are left there are compensated to find a new residence.

Now we can be sure that the expansion of Anfield will be held early next year, the plan will add 8,500 seat in the main stand up to a total capacity of 20 thousand seats. That number makes Anfield main stand as one of the greatest of the stadiums in Europe.

The construction will be completed about the beginning of the 2016/2017 season menghabisan raise about 115 million pounds. Later Anfield will be a total capacity of approximately 54 thousand seats, the third largest after Old Trafford and the Emirates Stadium.

The main stand is not only used as a place to watch a home game, but also can be rented out for shopping, restaurants, offices, and so on. This is all done in order to boost revenue through ticket club and stadium lease.