Arema vs. PBR Confirmed Clear Held

Arema vs. PBR Confirmed Clear Held

Arema vs. PBR Confirmed Clear Held

Malang – Matches Indonesian Super League (ISL) between Arema Cronus and PBR in Kanjuruhan Stadium, Saturday (04/25/2015) tomorrow, certainly void held. The absence of a permit from the police become the main reason.

“With apologies to Aremania and football lovers in Malang, Arema match was canceled,” said Panpel Arema Cronus, Abdul Haris, in a press conference at the office Arema Cronus, Jalan Gajah Mada, Friday (04/24/2015) night.

Harris explained that the decision was motivated downs cancellation letter from the police about not issuing permits crowds. The police did not issue a license after police chief Kemenpora mailed so as not to give the facilities and services to all the activities that have been frozen PSSI.

“There is not allowed to issue a letter of permission crowd by Kemenpora and Police followed by not issuing the permit,” said Haris.

Head of Technical Implementation Unit (UPTD) Kanjuruhan Stadium revealed that panpel actually been ready to host the game. “We panpel are ready,” said Haris.

Supervisory game, Budi Win, said the government must abide by the decision and it has been coordinated with PT. Liga Indonesia as the league organizers.

“Already we coordinate. This is the final decision, we must obey,” said Budi.

According to Budi, this is a game cancellation. This means that technically does not affect the two teams because they do not compete. “This cancellation,” he said.

In the same occasion, Arema coach Cronus, Suharno, expressed disappointment that the game was held void. Because, all the players are ready to entertain PBR in Kanjuruhan Stadium tomorrow. “Obviously disappointed because we had practice this morning. PBR as well,” said Suharno.

Suharno hope polemic soon end. According to him, deeply affected his mental condition of uncertainty like now.

“Our hope all problems is finished. So do not happen like this,” he added.

The same thing was said by Peri Sandria, assistant coach of the PBR.

“We came to Malang because follow a schedule or rule, rather than later WO,” he said.

He admitted that he had brought 30 people to come to the city of Malang. All costs already incurred, including preparing the team to try Kanjuruhan Stadium this afternoon.

“Later we will report it and klaimkan to PT. League all our costs here and go home,” he said.