Barca’s Adriano Affirm Need Time

Barca’s Adriano Affirm Need Time

Barca's Adriano Affirm Need Time

Taruhan Bola Online Despite drove pretty smooth so far, Barcelona also been criticized for a number of negative results. Blaugrana defender Adriano stressed his side need time to adapt and appear more convincing.

Barca currently sits in second place Spanish League standings with 25 points, two points behind Real Madrid. While in the Champions League, Catalan children already make sure to qualify from Group F along with Paris SaintGermain and stay determine the final position with his rival.

The position is arguably not a bad position. But on the way, Barca had criticized. The reason is the defeat of Madrid in El Clasico followed other negative results from Celta Vigo. Some time earlier, Xavi Hernandez et al. was subject of PSG in the Champions League.

In response to these criticisms, it took Barca called due to a change in the start of the season with the arrival of new coach Luis Enrique as well a number of new players. But Adriano admits too often supporters can not wait.

We know there is a period of adaptation, with a new coaching staff and new players coming players, but football sometimes do not have the patience for you,” he told AS.

I think with what we are doing, our effort, passion, and our confidence of the coach and vice versa, we will soon begin to eliminate all doubts to us. Good performance and the results will come.”

Sometimes football is not enough just to live a good game. Sometimes you lose because conceding of things happen,” the Brazilian defender told Football Espana.

For the record, Barca have so far undergone 15 matches in all competitions, with the details of reaching 11 wins, one draw and three defeats.