Dinner with fiance, Secret Beyond Performance Okay Mignolet

Dinner with fiance, Secret Beyond Performance Okay Mignolet

Dinner with fiance, Secret Beyond Performance Okay Mignolet

Liverpool – Long before appearing okay as now, Simon Mignolet had experienced it feels beaten soundly criticized. Her fiance is so large role in improving the mental as well as the appearance of Liverpool’s goalkeeper until today.

Liverpool’s poor performance at the beginning of the season could not be separated from the performance of less okay Mignolet in goal. Of the 15 initial appearance in the league, conceding 19 goals and Mignolet saved only 67 percent of the total shot towards goal.

Naturally, if then he severely criticized and worst moment was when dibangkucadangakan for several games in December, and was replaced by Brad Jones.

But her momentum quickly came on Boxing Day game counter Burnley, where Jones injury and Mignolet came on as a substitute. Long time no play makes Mignolet lose touch, which almost fruitful blunder in the game.

After that Mignolet suddenly jumped Liverpool appearance with improved performance on the field. Of 8 games in a row, he only conceded five goals and has recorded a total of eight clean sheets this season, the most of any Premier League goalkeeper-keeper other.

When asked about his performance began to reap much praise it, Mignolet said there was a dinner with her fiance, Jasmien Claes, and the family, who gave a big change for her appearance today.

“I played not so bad, I managed to overcome some of the crossing, but what happens in the game (counter Burnley) change a lot of things. It happened the first half when I try to control the ball back pass. It was in the Boxing Day game, family all here and at dinner with my fiancĂ© and everyone, then he said: ‘Simon, what do you think there are?’, “said Mignolet as quoted by the Telegraph.

“The words of him that. At first I did not respond. He knows when to talk to me about football and when to leave me alone. The day after I came to the training session and team coach gave me advice when we are analyzing the game,” he added .

“That was the beginning and after that we were saying ‘Look, we must urgently address this problem’. Jasmien I watch every game and always follow it. We’ve been together since I was sharing does not become a footballer and he knows me better than anyone, My character, that’s why he said it. ”

“Sometimes I think too long and it was carried in my game. Sometimes it’s nice but not when you have to make quick decisions,” he said.

“I actually think too much when going to do something and lose a lot of time rather than playing as usual. I am always looking for the best solution to any problem, I had to pass to a player which, thinking ‘you have to do it, do it,’ and forget that it is actually something bad, like a corner in the match Burnley cross beam. By thinking faster then I could more easily give the command in defense and after that everything goes better, “the Belgian goalkeeper.