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Eyes: FA Cup and Champions League Tickets Equally Important

Eyes: FA Cup and Champions League Tickets Equally Important

Eyes: FA Cup and Champions League Tickets Equally Important

Jakarta – Manchester United are in a crucial period. Must maintain the position of the top four in the league, the ‘Red Devils’ will also be tested in the FA Cup quarterfinals.

MU slipped one trap after a 1-2 defeat of Swansea City on February 21. The Red Devils collected 47 points, one point behind Arsenal.

The Gunners can shift the starting position after a 2-1 win over Manchester United Crystal Palace. Southampton and Liverpool trailing in fifth place with a very thin margin. Soton hnya teringgal one point with a value of 46. Liverpool in sixth bagging 45. The distance of the point value that makes the MU should be extra vigilant if you do not want to lose the Champions League zone.

MU also must be ready to face Arsenal in the FA Cup quarter-finals. The match was scheduled to roll on March 10 at Old Trafford.

Eyes also asked his colleagues to maintain the best possible condition. Therefore, the two missions that are equally important to be resolved.

“There are still a lot of games left in the season. We are still in the right track to win the FA Cup, so we must strive to achieve it. It’s been too long this team did not win anything and it’s so important for us,” said Mata like told Sky Sport.

“Currently, we are also in a crucial moment in the Premier League. Ten last game will be very important and we also were getting ready to face Arsenal in the FA Cup. It will be a difficult period for us. So, we should be diving with mental and optimal performance. It’s really important moment for us.

“By wearing a Manchester United jersey, everyone hope you will look as good as possible and win. It is not easy. But it’s our job to do,” said the Spanish international.