Gerrard Will Not Be Distracted banter Chelsea Supporters

Gerrard Will Not Be Distracted banter Chelsea Supporters

Gerrard Will Not Be Distracted banter Chelsea Supporters

Liverpool Steven Gerrard may be going to continue to be teased fans of slipping her opponent related incidents last season. However it is believed did not disturb the Liverpool captain thought.

Last season at Anfield, Chelsea came against Liverpool in the 36th week of the Premier League. Only need a draw to smooth the steps to be champions, the Reds instead defeated by a score of 0-2.

One of the sad incident occurred at the end of the first half when Gerrard slipped as the ball, which makes Demba Ba was able to take it and break down the nets Simon Mignolet to score the opening goal in the game.

Liverpool finally had harbored a dream of becoming champions again and Gerrard inevitably made a scapegoat for the failure.

Entering this season, what happened to Gerrard was even used as a chant by the use of other supporters to ridicule and intimidate Gerrard on the pitch.

Jose Mourinho as Chelsea manager has asked his supporters not to do it again because it is not ethical. It was brought Mourinho ahead of his meeting with Liverpool in the first leg of the League Cup semi-final on Tuesday (21/1) early morning hrs later.

Rodgers also welcomed the positive intention Mourinho although he also believes that Gerrard did not interfere with the Chelsea fans singing provocative later.

I think Jose talked about the lack of respect for one of the best players in this league,” said Rodgers in Soccerway.

I think sometimes players will be a little distracted, maybe one or two times, but this is already happening,” he continued.

I made it clear that Steven is one of the main reasons why we can compete for the championship. We fail not because he slipped. He is the main reason why we almost become a champion.”

But he has a strong character and knows how to handle it and was used to it throughout his career. He had no problem at all to overcome them,” said Rodgers.