How to Prepare MU 3-0 victory over the Spurs?

How to Prepare MU 3-0 victory over the Spurs?

How to Prepare MU 3-0 victory over the Spurs?

Manchester – Louis van Gaal is the manager were very attentive to detail. Nothing escaped his attention in preparing the team. How Manchester United victory over Tottenham Hotspur into the image of it.

Van Gaal has been known to be very detailed since he was so ‘coach beginners’ at Ajax Amsterdam. Until now these habits have not changed, he is still taking notes on paper while watching her students play on the field. Thoroughness of the little things to make La Gazzetta dello Sport called it the figure of an extremely detailed.

Meticulous to detail not only Van Gaal to the scheme shown in the game on the field. Long before kick-off he had prepared everything done regularly based sequences neatly arranged and set in stone. It also happens when Manchester United won 3-0 victory over Tottenham Hotspur at the end of last week.

In the exclusive interview with the Telegraph, Van Gaal explained in detail the things he did with his assistants to the banquet to the Lilywhites.

“The preparation starts with a scout, Paul Brand, who analyze the opponent. He is with Marcel Bout, scout the opposing team, choosing images. Marcel Bout always observed (against opponent) two weeks before the game,” said Van Gaal.

“After that we made a game plan from the analysis. Continued discussion of the game plan. A day later we present it to the players, Giggs did of the selected image Marcel Bout and Paul Brand. They (the players) have to see it. We explained. Then we apply them in the game plan 11 11. Ryan Giggs opponent opposing team coach. He has an analysis of the team, “said Van Gaal further.

“Albert Stuivenberg to coach my team. Then you try a different pattern. We record the training sessions. The next meeting is ‘meeting the position’: the defender, the midfielder, and the next player. Albert was already selecting images from the session exercise and the previous game that will explain our game plan. ”

“Scheme dead ball! I almost forgot about that! Need (meeting) 25 minutes. We also have a meeting to discuss it. I come check. Frans Hoek, the goalkeeping coach, who lead it. There we chose the players who were on guard. ( That) 25 minutes. ”

“At the hotel we conduct meetings – again – to provide an understanding of what we would do. After that there is an individual meeting. I do individual meetings with the players in the hotel or in the office. Not all the players – it depends on how they practice, how the appearance they are. ”

“Then the game. I did not say anything (the players), only one said before the game. So when half of the round I would say what should we change, or what we should develop, or I did not say anything because it was very nice. It was never happened. ”

“The day after the match, Albert Stuivenberg choose game footage. Then do the analysis. I did it with Albert. Then we have an evaluation.”

“I just finished a meeting with the players. Evaluation is longer because there are a lot of themes. But his analysis 20 minutes, sometimes 25 minutes. Return the meeting with the players. Staff must work very hard. The players also. They are not used to doing it. Most players rely on intuition. I want them to do it as a consciousness that they think, that they can make decisions on the field. They must think for the team, “completion.

How Van Gaal was very attentive to detail to all associated with it visible again at the end of the interview. Despite thorough debriefing scheduled at 16:00 local time, Van Gaal asked for the session was finished at 15:58. Van Gaal asked for two minutes for him to prepare to walk from the interview room to the next room to do other activities.