Lallana desire Lift Trophy FA Cup at Wembley

Lallana desire Lift Trophy FA Cup at Wembley

Lallana desire Lift Trophy FA Cup at Wembley

Liverpool – After stops in the League Cup, Liverpool live had a chance to lift the trophy at Wembley via the FA Cup. Adam Lallana was determined to work hard to make it happen.

Step Liverpool in the League Cup has been stalled in the semifinals. In a two-leg match, they defeated Chelsea 2-1 on aggregate. Dream to the final and lift the trophy at Wembley on this event also automatically fall.

One way left to remember the Reds still ‘alive’ in the FA Cup. They will lead the party in the fourth round replay counter Bolton Wanderers on Thursday (02/05/2015) pm dawn later.

As the only remaining chance towards Wembley, Lallana intend not menyianyiakannya. Especially given the chance to win a trophy in the Premier League has been arguably difficult, remaining opportunities are in the FA Cup and Europa League.

“We have said it wants to win a trophy this year and we were disappointed not to be able to step into Wembley in the League Cup. It was so an additional incentive for us drove away here,” said Lallana on the official club website.

“All children dream of playing at Wembley and lifted the FA Cup trophy, but you have to work hard to get there. It will be a tough fight and other obstructions in front of us at Bolton.”

“They were previously difficult for us and accumulate a lot of players in the back. Maybe we are also less sharp. Return (Daniel) Sturridge is a huge bonus, because that’s where his best, in and around the penalty box,” the England international midfielder this.

Liverpool and Bolton before a 0-0 draw. Brendan Rodgers foster children when it appears dominant, but failed to complete a single opportunity to be scored.