Lloris Triggers Frustration Line Home MU

Lloris Triggers Frustration Line Home MU

Lloris Triggers Frustration Line Home MU

London – Manchester United called Louis van Gaal’s first-half lead best when dealing with Tottenham Hotspur. If the goal remains not created in that period, and up to 90 minutes, the result of one person: Hugo Lloris.

“When you live in the best of the first half of the season, as we did, and you play at White Hart Lane club of six large face and play with it as good as well as create six to eight ripe opportunity, then you should be able to finish,” said Van Gaal expressed disappointment after the game.

MU only taken one point from a trip to Tottenham after 0-0 impartial. The Red Devils worth disappointed with the final result because they had some ripe scoring chances, especially in the first half.

However opportunity dipunya Robin van Persie, Radamel Falcao until Ashley Young failed to get past Lloris. French goalkeeper was performed so brilliantly throughout the 90 minutes and successfully make the front row MU frustration.

If this season David de Gea is considered as the best goalkeeper in the Premier League with his actions under the crossbar, Lloris last night showed the same ability. Lloris, 28 years old, De Gea duplicate the ability to block the ball using her legs, won the duel against each other and ultimately helped his team a much-needed points.

The first action to break strikes Lloris forward MU is weak when he dispels Falcao kick in minute 19. Three minutes later Mata free kick hit the goalpost, Falcao and Van Persie failed grabbed a goal and Tottenham move faster to menghalaunya.

Next Lloris dispel Phil Jones header. The ball actually still lead to the goal and in reruns seen crossing the goal line before being swept by Vertonghen. But anyway Valcao already been caught offside in the moment.

On 34 minutes curling Falcao also rejected by Lloris. Then the best opportunities to make goals MU owned Van Persie in the 39th minute when he can ball alone in the penalty box and faced with the goalkeeper. A touch too much made Van Persie makes Lloris can dispel the Dutch striker.

Before the first round due Lloris made another brilliant rescue. He floated in the air to block the shot Young arch that leads to the far post corner of the net.

“I think this is a fair result. Lloris is one of the best goalkeepers in the world. It is not something new for me. We know the quality of Hugo,” flattered manager Mauricio Pochettino.