Matic So Chelsea Most Observed by Fernando

Matic So Chelsea Most Observed by Fernando

Matic So Chelsea Most Observed by Fernando

Manchester – Manchester City will be against Chelsea in the Premier League this weekend. Midfielder The Citizens Fernando claimed many Nemanja Matic observed in the process of adaptation in the Premier League.

City match against the Blues will take place at Stamford Bridge on Sunday (02/01/2015) pm dawn.

Chelsea still in the top position as far as the English Premier League runs 22 times. They collected 52 points, within five points of the City in the second position.

There is an irreplaceable player in a slick performance Chelsea in the Premier League this season. Matic has been featured as many as 21 times, with a record has always been a starter and never pulled by Jose Mourinho. He just missed the Chelsea against Newcastle United for not brought into the squad.

Matic okay appearance at Chelsea anchor position it turned observed by one penggawa City, Fernando. The Brazilian was willing to follow the example of what is done by Matic to be an important player for Chelsea.

Moreover, they have both been active in the Portuguese Liga. Matic defend Benfica, while Fernando dressed in FC Porto.

“This is a specific position and are very important for any team in the world. I’ve several times played against Matic in Portugal and he is a player that is extraordinary. He is very qualified,” said Fernando at the Manchester Evening News.

“There are many players like him today. I think, but he is one of the players that I observed and learned. As I continue to try to improve the performance of the way I played that role.”

“He has become very important for Chelsea. I always try to watch a player like this,” he added.