Rear line MU and Liverpool are yet-sturdy Sturdy Amat

Rear line MU and Liverpool are yetsturdy Sturdy Amat

Rear line MU and Liverpool are yet-sturdy Sturdy Amat

Jakarta For Manchester United and Liverpool in the Premier League this season, the performance of the back line is currently the case for itself. Appearance defenders are less okay, often making them in a difficult position.

MU currently already ranks three Premier League standings. They collected 28 points, the result of 15 times a game.

Note their defense to be the most ugly compared to three other top teams. They‘ve conceded 17 goals. Note that more three goals from Manchester City, and four more goals than Chelsea who occupy the first position of the table.

Not without reason Manchester United defender‘s performance is still up and down. Mutually schemes undertaken game Louis van Gaal and a series of injuries that have hit the defenders MU into why.

In the first two games, Manchester United conceded three goals while wearing a three-back strategy. At that time, Chris Smalling, Phil Jones, and Taylor Blackett, which is believed to be the guardian of the heart of the MU defense.

Smalling acquired injury in the game against Sunderland, then make the composition changed back line. Jonny Evans then entrusted to be the starter.

Trio EvansJonesBlackett, then look good with a record first clean sheet when Manchester United played a goalless draw against Burnley.