Rights to broadcast Premier League soaring

Rights to broadcast Premier League soaring

Rights to broadcast Premier League soaring

Jakarta – Premier League is still a matter for selling is selling well. From one period to the next, rights increased significantly.

22 years ago, the Premier League is designed. Since then, the English football is gaining momentum as the big bang. One of them related to capital and club competitions.

The incident was preceded by a meeting with the Football Association of the owners of capital giants in their headquarters, Lancaster Gate, London in 1992. At the end of the meeting they announced that there is a new caste in English football. Competition was labeled the Premier League.

The design about the competition was arranged with ripe. Unchanged schedule, kickoff started in August of the same year. Cooperation with the television broadcaster made. From there, the funds like a windfall for football competition was obtained. Therefore, the value of the contract rose 240 percent compared to the previous season’s competition.

Television stations bidding to get the rights. BSkyB successfully got the winning tender for the BBC and ITV and owner of rights in the previous era.

BSkyB did not just buy the expensive rights. Television station based in London that makes maneuvering by changing habits ball lovers. If the previous ITV football broadcast for free, BSkyB is pay television. Premier League is also sold in a different way. They use a system of a competition package, not per club club.

The company owned by Australian-American tycoon Ruperth Keith Murdoch was handed funds 191 million pounds, equivalent to Rp 3.6 trillion for the duration of five years for domestic broadcasting in the United Kingdom. As for the global broadcasting BSkyB should be poured funds reach 304 million pounds, equivalent to Rp 5.8 trillion.

Each year, BSkyB broadcast 60 games. At that time, the cost per game to get 640 thousand pounds.

In the second contract 1997-2001, Sky back wins. They flushed funds fantastic. Yakn reached 670 million pounds, equivalent to Rp 12.8 trillion in the duration of four years. The number of games that aired unchanged each year, ie 60 games.

As of 2001 treaty rights holders arranged thirds of the year. In the period 2001 to 2004 back BSkyB which won the bidding. The contract value soared along with the doubling of the number of matches broadcast.

In the period BSkyB again be broadcast rights holders. They agreed on a nominal 1.2 million pounds (about USD 22.97 billion) for domestic broadcasts by airing 330 games over three years.

The BBC reported nominal broadcasting rights to all corners of the world only in 2001 reached 178 million poundstelring or equivalent to Rp 3 trillion.

BSkyB managed to retain its own ruler Premier League broadcasting rights for the next period, 2004-2007. Cooperation value decreased during the period. The number of 414 games in his three years with a total of 1,024 matches million pounds ($ 19.6 billion) for domestic broadcast.

Three subsequent period, from 2007 to 2010, the Premier League broadcasting rights belong to the Sky back. With the number of matches per year the same, they raise the value of cooperation be 1,706 million pounds (about USD 32.7 billion), up nearly 700 million pounds, also for domestic broadcast.

In that year, Murdoch made a new breakthrough. He is bringing forth ideas to synchronize network services and mobile internet audience.

Entering the second decade of the Premier League, BSkyB still be the owner of rights. In the period 2010-2013, Sky and ESPN still deliver 138 matches per year. In that period did not rise too high, only about 70 million pounds. From 1,706 million to 1,771 million pounds (about USD 33 trillion).

Three two last, broadcasting rights owned two television stations, Sky and BT. The number of matches per year that broadcast into more. Nominal cooperation also increased dramatically, almost doubled. In the period 2013-2016, the Premier League get gelontoran of broadcasting rights worth 3,018 million pounds, equivalent to Rp 57.8 trillion.

As an illustration, in 2007 alone the Premier League match watched by more than 600 million households in 202 countries. It is conceivable at this time the audience has been growing with Asia tours undertaken Premier League clubs. Thus, it is believed nominal rights upcoming period will be higher.

Broadcasting Right ascension from Year to Year (domestic in the United Kingdom):

Match duration period per year Nominal
1992-1997 5 years 60,300,191 million pounds
1997-2001 4 years 60.24067 million
2001-2004 3 years 110 330 1200
2004-2007 3 years 138 414 1024
2007-2010 3 years 138 414 1706
2010-2013 3 years 138 414 1773
2013-2016 3 years 154 462 3018
2016-2019 3 years 168 504?

Description: 1 pounds, equivalent to USD 19 147