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Rights to broadcast Premier League Still Losing to the NFL

Rights to broadcast Premier League Still Losing to the NFL

Rights to broadcast Premier League Still Losing to the NFL

Jakarta – The value of the Premier League broadcasting rights has gone up to 70 per cent from the previous contract. Yet it is not the highest figure in the world of sports today.

Premier League success selling broadcasting rights in the United Kingdom area for 5.136 billion pounds, or more than Rp 100 trillion to Sky and BT Sport.

Value it as well as a new record nominal Premier League broadcasting rights from rolling in 1992. The contract is valid for three years. That is, the value of the broadcasting rights for 1.7 billion pounds, equivalent to Rp 33.9 trillion per year.

But the Premier League is still inferior to the competition american football (NFL), the right siarnya which reached 4.5 billion pounds per year. The contract is binding from 2015 to 2020.

“It would take a very, very long time,” said the executive director of the Premier League, Richard Scudamore, when challenged about how soon could overtake the NFL broadcast rights contract value, as quoted by AFP.

For the record comparison of the value of broadcasting rights both in the domestic sphere, not international.

In addition to the NFL and the Premier League, the sports brand is very expensive right siarnya is the NBA. The American basketball competition has a value of 1.5 billion pounds per season.

Among football, Serie A is a competition that the value of its domestic broadcasting rights of two numbers after the Premier League. Their numbers were 700 million pounds per year.

After successive Serie A is the Primera Liga (560 million pounds) and the Bundesliga (500 million pounds) per year.