Stomp De Gea, Skrtel defended Rodgers

Stomp De Gea, Skrtel defended Rodgers

Stomp De Gea, Skrtel defended Rodgers

Liverpool – Martin Skrtel involved in a feud with David de Gea before the end of the match Liverpool vs Manchester United. Brendan Rodgers sure Skrtel was accidentally stepped on the Manchester United goalkeeper.

At first Skrtel chasing the ball in the penalty box, De Gea rush out of the nest with the intent to intercept. After the ball was caught, Skrtel looks right foot stepped on the right calf De Gea before jumping over the body of his opponent player.

De Gea emotions and confront the Liverpool central defender. Before the situation worse, referee Martin Atkinson and Antonio Valencia separate the two players.

This incident eluding a referee so Skrtel escaped punishment. However, it is believed the Slovenian defender could have been exposed to retrospective action.

“I’ve seen the incident Martin Skrtel,” said the Liverpool manager told Sky Sports. “The ball rolling but it looks worse in slow impressions.”

“Looks like Skrtel try gouged the ball but the ball hurried caught goalkeeper. Martin is not the type of player like that, he’s just a fraction of seconds late,” Rodgers defense.

It just became one of the incidents that occurred in the heat match at Anfield. Previously, Steven Gerrard was sent off during the break and Mario Balotelli was involved in a row with Chris Smalling while fighting for the ball.