Suarez Medium Not Okay, Barca Affirms Support

Suarez Medium Not Okay, Barca Affirms Support

Suarez Medium Not Okay, Barca Affirms Support

Barcelona – Luis Suarez middle in the spotlight because it has not as sharp in Liverpool, not to mention the poor performance when facing Atletico Madrid. But Barcelona has full confidence in the attacker.

Suarez has not shown actual spurs since uniformed Barca. Already 16 games in all competitions passed, but only five goals scored by the Uruguayan international striker.

In fact, last season he was able to record 31 goals from 37 appearances in all competitions for Liverpool. For three and a half seasons with ‘The Red’, she was able to record an average of 0.62 goals per game with a total of 82 goals from 133 games as noted Transfermarkt.

Suarez increasingly highlighted after disappointing in the first leg of the Copa del Rey quarterfinals counter Atletico. In the Blaugrana won the match 1-0, Suarez recorded only fired a shot and did not lead to the goal. Although recorded two key bait, the 27-year-old also lost the ball three times and made four bad control.

Top performance, the Whoscored give Ponten 5.9. This value is the lowest of all starters in the field.

But Barca affirmed its support to Suarez. Having previously Luis Enrique, this time the support came from the president Josep Maria Bartomeu.

“Luis is a great player and people have very high expectations for him. He’s getting the support and attention of all the people in Barcelona,” he told Canal Plus quoted by Football Italia.

Bartomeu also expressed his views about the chances for the semifinals of the Copa del Rey. With a thin score in the first leg, he believes the chance of both teams still very open.

“It was a very intense match between two great teams. There is no definite and the game is still open,” said Bartomeu.