Think of Mourinho Casillas Still One Of The Best Coach Madrid

Think of Mourinho Casillas Still One Of The Best Coach Madrid

Think of Mourinho Casillas Still One Of The Best Coach Madrid

Madrid Many say that the relationship between Iker Casillas and Jose Mourinho are not getting along. But not so says Casillas remains high assessing the ex-coach.

Beginning rift Casillas and Mourinho is due to the proximity of 33-year-old goalkeeper with Xavi Hernandez, which is actually a rival club player of Madrid, Barcelona, the rivalry heats up when Mourinho was there.

The peak occurred in Mourinho coached Madrid last season in which 2012/2013 tinged issues that Casillas has been leaked to the media that the Madrid dressing room condition is not good. Mourinho had already made ​​upset about this.

Then the injury at the end of 2012 Casillas then made ​​a place displaced by Diego Lopez during the second half of the season escort Madrid goalkeeper. Until the end of Mourinho leaving Madrid at the end of the season and Casillas is considered to be declining performance.

More than a year and already Mourinho leaving Madrid Casillas was asked about the hue and squealing with Mourinho once. Finally girlfriend Sara Carbonero it spoke that his relationship with Mourinho maintained well and considers him as one of the Portuguese club’s best tactician.

Maybe I should disclose everything but I chose to remain silent. Much criticized for it but I think it makes you talk more emotion,” said Casillas told Football Espana.

We have a professional relationship and that’s it. I decided to shut up. I do not want to accuse anyone or anything, or hide the bad things that happen in the club,” he continued.

At that time things have gone too far but we’ve got through the seasons are okay with Jose Mourinho. Think like that and I always thought so.”

We had to match Barca for a moment in the first season and everything went well, although it was not a good lead., But I always respect all my coach.”

When something happens then it does not talk about it and respect your coach,” complete Casillas.