The time Dortmund Continuing Momentum

The time Dortmund Continuing Momentum

The time Dortmund Continuing Momentum

Agen Judi Online Borussia Dortmund finally break through a series of disappointing results 1-0 victory over Borussia Moenchengladbach. The match this weekend be a test for the revival of ‘The YellowBlack’.

Even so, the last appearance of Dortmund is not too convincing. Because the only goals are nested into Gladbach‘s goal, that would be born of his own pemainya Christoph Kramer who scored an own goal unfortunately spectacular.

The victory was the first for the troops Ruhr Valley after just one point in the previous seven league games (!). However, Dortmund are now able to draw a little sigh of relief after a shot from the drop zone to occupy the 15th position.

Now after the international break time for Dortmund start again season. Marco Reus et al. will visit to the cage Paderborn promotional team on Saturday (11/22/2014) evening hrs. It will be their first meeting in a competitive match.

Although below the level, Paderbon not worth underestimated. At least, the new child is able to be in mid-Bundesliga.

Too early to talk about the reverse situation. This game will obviously tight. Paderborn has 15 points by not doing anything. Against them will be very difficult,” said Dortmund director Hans-Joachim Watzke told Bild.

My children were born there and I‘ve never stayed in Paderborn for 5.5 years. So obviously I have a feeling of being close to the club and the city of Paderborn. And I hope that Dortmund could look good.”