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Van Persie Still Dark about his future at MU

Van Persie Still Dark about his future at MU

Van Persie Still Dark about his future at MU

Manchester – Robin van Persie still do not know whether he will be a long time at Manchester United or not. Because until now has not crossed his mind to talk about a new contract.

Van Persie joined Arsenal in the summer of 2012 and quickly presents the Premier League trophy in his first season. Not only that also carries the title of top scorer with 27 goals in total incision.

However his performance declined slightly last season, which is in line with the decline of the ‘Red Devils’ and eventually finished in seventh position. Van Persie is currently serving his third season uniformed The Red Devils, and only 18 months remaining in his stay at Old Trafford.

Although 31 years old, but Van Persie is still a mainstay on the front line alongside Wayne Rooney MU. With today’s contribution clearly MU not want to lose Van Persie.

But until now there has been no talk of a new contract and the former Feyenoord player was recognized by Van Persie, he is not thinking about it at all.

“It does not just depend on me. For now I am still going to stay up to 18 months. The fact like that. I can not predict the future. I do not know what will happen after that. Let’s wait and see what it will be , “Van Persie said on Sky Sports.